ColourPop Cosmetics Haul 7/12/17

    Hey Loves! Today I am soooo excited because I got my hands on these goodies! I have gotten to the point to where I have been lacking on buying myself anything because my son Phoenix is in physical therapy and takes a lot of time and Mackenzie is about to start kindergarten so I have been doing my super mom shopping for her..



    I really wanted to try Colourpop’s new line of sprays so i grabbed two different ones. This one is called Amethyst it is a crystal priming spray.  I have got to give it to Colourpop for their packaging! I love this packaging! It is very shiney and cute!

Colourpop Amethyst Prinking Spray


    I also was in need for a new setting spray so I grabbed this one it’s called Aquamarine and it is a crystal setting spray. I was pleasantly surprised at the bottles! The misters are really nice and the bottle is hard like glass!

Aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray

Both of these cost 6.00 and both individually have a net weight of 55mL (1.86oz) for more information head over to the links I have provided for both products! Also I will be doing a follow up once I have fully tested these products over on my Instagram!


    I have been hearing such a big hype on this palette.. not only because it’s suppose to be a dupe for another high end brand but also for it being super pigmented! I also love the colors in this palette! I was alittle surprised at just how tiny this palette was compared to their other shadows.. however I know this will last me awhile!

Yes, Please Colourpop Palette


    I was seriously impressed at how pigmented this palette is!It has very little fall for each swatch! Also my swatch game is not the best.. but ya know I wanted to hurry up and get this mini haul and review up for you guys! Click the link up above to check out this palette!

I actually finally got to play with makeup yesterday! Between taking Phoenix my almost 2 year old to Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and trying to find him Speech Therapy I haven’t had much time to play with makeup! Not to mention my 5 year old Mackenzie will be starting school this year.. that alone has this momma in a nervous wreck! But I sat down yesterday and was like “I will play with make-up.. I will do it!” and so I did. Below is look I created with the Yes Palette!

  1. Full-Zip- (matte warm ivory)  as a all over lid color, on top and bottom.
  2. Big Cocktails- (matte orange)  I started using this all over the lid mostly concentrating on the crease of my eye and blending out with a clean brush so there were no harsh lines and then I did the same for the bottom making sure to blend.
  3. Spoiled, Gno, French Kiss- (matte brick red, matte burnt orange, matte deep red brown) I used all three of these at the same time with a small tapered brush to give my eye an ombre look!
  4. I cleaned up my lid, and because I have hooded lid I cut my crease slightly up more than I usually would using concealer and set the concealer using Full Zip.
  5. Mischief- (matte warm yellow) I used this for all over my lid packing it on!
  6. Butter Cake- (metallic pale yellow gold) I took a very small detail brush and lined my cut crease with this color as well as placing it in my inner corner.
  7. After cleaning up the fall out (Because this palette does have some, like most matte shades do!) I went back in and finished up my wing making sure to fade it out. I didn’t add any false lashes because I was in a rush to head to appointments but I did want to show you my final look!

I give this palette a 10/10 all the way around.. I love it! Also could you tell I was listening to Kesha while creating this look.. i can lol! I hope you enjoyed!

What are you looking forward to getting your hands on? Comment below!
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49 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul 7/12/17

  1. Confession: I’ve NEVER tried any kind of product from color pop 😮
    I’ve always wanted to so I’m not sure why I haven’t! Those sprays look awesome and the packaging is to die for!!! I can’t wait to follow up on your full review and thoughts on them 🙂

    1. Thank you! I adore their products! I’ve used their shadows before and I love them! The only thing I haven’t tried are these two sprays! I sure will do an update! -xoxo

  2. Oh, I didn’t see that CP now has sprays! I have to learn to tolerate spraying myself in the face because there are so many good mists and sprays. Your swatches from the new palette are incredible! So pigmented

  3. I remember the days with kids and I too didn’t buy many things extra for myself. Love these products by ColourPop. I’d love to try the setting spray and the palette are beautiful for summer! x

  4. I haven’t heard of this brand before but will check it out now. The colors and packaging look so cute. Please tell us more about the sprays when you get a chance. Thank you.

  5. For the price you paid, they have some very lovely colors and a strong palette that can make mixing and match a lot of fun. The spray mists sound hopeful too.. Enjoy your stash.

  6. These products look amazing! I am really interested in the sprays. I can;t wait to see how well they work. The range of colours of the eye shadows palette is gorgeous. I would want to use so many of them.

  7. I have never tried Colour Pop products. The eye shadow palette is gorgeous, the colors are rich, just the way I like them.

  8. I’ve never tried anything from ColourPop (I’ve really wanted to) and I’m so happy you shared this. I think you sold me on that palette, it’s right up my alley and the shades look fantastic!

  9. I have heard so much about Colour Pop. Everybody is talking about it. The products look amazing and the pigment of the swatches are so strong! However, delivery and custom fees are quite high for the UK so not sure i’ll give in

    1. Awhhh! That bites I’m sorry! I did hear a little birdie tell me they’re changing up the delivery and custom fees here within the next few months!

  10. I’ve never tried anything from Colour Pop. I would love to try both the primer and setting spray. Are they gentle enough for sensitive skin?

    1. I have sensitive skin and break out to almost anything and I’ve got to say the two sprays I purchased I love and didn’t break me out! If and when they restock you should so try!

    1. I was surprised too! There is a little fall out with the matte shades but nothing drastic, but with most mattes there’s fall out.. totally worth it!

  11. The shadow palette seems to have a very nice collection of colors and highlighters. The glittery golden and copper one can brighten up any look whether heavy or breezy. I don’t usually use setting sprays, but these look like handy little ones perfect to fit in a makeup touch-up pouch.

    1. I didn’t use setting sprays until I noticed a big difference! I live in the south and my makeup would just melt off! Once I discovered setting sprays my foundation and makeup stays on all day!

  12. That’s a nice haul! My youngest just finished Kindergarten last month and will be starting First Grade in September. They really grow up fast!

  13. The colors look incredible. I’ll have to show my wife and see what she thinks about them as well 🙂

  14. I love the shadow palette names. ‘Note to self’ I mean what could be cuter than that. I appreciate the creativity that went into these products, and just for that I would definitely try it out.

  15. Such a nice product. I love makeup too!! But those colors are super fabulous, I haven’t try it before. I will check this out..

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