Colourpop Cosmetics Haul


Colourpop Cosmetics Pressed Highlighter

Net WT. 6.5g (0.23 oz)$8.00 USD  S’il Vous Play (link)


I absolutely love this highlighter! It’s very smooth and pigmented! 10/10 I highly recommend this! The compact that the highlighter comes in has a magnetic close, a nice size mirror and has a pen hole to pop the highlighter out!


Colourpop Cosmetics No Filter Concealer

Net Wt 4.0g (0.14 oz) $6.00USD Light 20 (link)


I did two separate swatches from the concealer. The bottom swatch has set for 10 minutes and oxidized and the top is a fresh coat. This concealer oxidizes.. clearly however once it does it doesn’t again! I picked this color going in knowing it oxidizes. I would still really recommend this concealer.. it reminds me of my Kat Von D concealer but a fraction of the price! It is very smooth and the applicator makes an easy application! 9/10!

Comment below what you loved about colourpop’s newest products! and what has been your favorite recent beauty related find!?
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51 thoughts on “Colourpop Cosmetics Haul 8/4/17

  1. Those are such lovely shades. I dont think this brand is available in the city I live. Currently using sephora products.

    1. Girl I just found out today on Instagram they are coming to Sephora! The date is to be announced but you’ll be able to try them once it hits stores!

    1. lol! I did the same thing.. like c’mon where’s my makeup! Plus it’s hot here and I’m afraid to leave makeup in the heat.

    1. I’m not entirely sure, I have sensitive skin and I use it.. I haven’t broken out yet.. I’ll post a update in a week!

  2. I have only been using the eye shadows and lippies from ColourPop so far. But now that they’ll be sold in Sephora, I will definitely see if they have a foundation shade for me. I’ve heard good things about the highlighters and blushes too

  3. Finding an affordable concealer with great color choices is always an issue. And that highlighter looks amazing. These will be great items to add into the makeup bag.

  4. Sounds like a promising concealer! Been looking for a really good one and I like the results I’m seeing! Will look into it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. As a super pale chick, I worry about the way highlighters will look on my skin. This one looks like it would be perfect and I’m excited to see you’re saying they’ll be at Sephora soon. I’d love to see what it looks like in person (but your pics are gorgeous).

    1. thank you! I’m very pale too this shade i believe is their lightest shade of highlight they have and it works perfectly with my skin!

  6. I’ve been meaning to try ColourPop for ages! They have such pretty eye shadows for affordable prices & are cruelty-free. I was just reading that they’re coming to Sephora in November! Can’t wait to finally try their products.

  7. I didn’t hear about this brand before but it does sound interesting. The colors are really nice. I didn’t know that concealers oxidize and you have to pay attention to this when you buy one.

  8. I have never tried Colour Pop cosmetics. I have heard so much about the brand but never take the plunge. The swatches are great and the pigments look really strong. My fav related beauty product of the month is a fragrance water from Nuxe

  9. Such pretty shades! I wishing Colourpop was available in the U.S. but then read in the comments it will be coming to Sephora. This is a brand I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for! x

  10. I haven’t heard of this brand but I will definitely have to check it out. Thank you for sharing! My latest favorite beauty find is Clinique’s BB liquid foundation. It’s about all I use at the moment.

  11. Omg girrrrrlllllll I lovveee #colourpop! They’re one of my faves & I’ve been wanting to get their concealer! So proud that they have one…. they’ll probably do foundations soon!

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