New Series!… What?!? YASS!

   Hey Loves! I find people constantly asking me about my feed, how to take high quality photos, how to take product photos and so much more! So I decided to start a mini series explaining how I rock out on my Instagram! I am sure everyone has their own way of doing their instagram but I will be showing you my tips and tricks on how to get a great Instagram feed! Something I have learned being on social media is that absolutely no one wants to (or at least who i’ve came across)  share their knowledge when it comes to photo taking and such.. well I am..!




First and foremost you need a background for your photos! Yes you can take the generic white fluffy cover background that every beauty guru uses. (I am too guilty of this)  But why not find a background that fits your style?

I headed to my local Hobby Lobby and got 5 colored/textured papers for my backdrop.. these papers are usually used for scrapbooking however it works perfect for backdrops! Where I am located I got 4 plain colored paper @ $0.59 USD each.  The glittery paper I got for $0.99 USD.  My total was $3.35 USD before taxes.. what a bargain!







Something I have also discovered is Marble contact paper.. I actually grabbed a role from Lowes (direct link) for $6.00 USD for some home crafts but because I could not find any paper marble I put some on a little portable table I have and it works perfect!





Do you want to know how beauty guru’s get the perfect swatches? Your looking right at it! You can grab this pack of four tape from Target’s Dollar spot for $3.00 USD. (no direct link it was just in that area)  To get the perfect swatch photos you’re going to want thin tape to separate the swatches and to make a clean line!





Here is an example of how I personally do my swatches.. (this is also a sneak peak of a brand I will be reviewing very.. VERY SOON on my blog)  Here’s one of the tips and tricks i’ll let you in on.. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHOTOS INSIDE! What I personally do is I’ll go outside early in the morning. the evening, or if it’s cloudy outside just because if you use direct sunlight it will over expose your photos. All of these photos are not edited (lighting, exposure, color) and are taken early in the morning + cloudy outside on my IPhone 7+.  Something you should also do is take a overhead photo meaning not weirdly angled.. you want your photo to be clean and clear.





I hope this little mini blog has helped you out so much.. stay tuned for my next post within this series.. Comment below how you prep for a product photo. <3



Disclaimer; I  purchased all items myself in this post except the cosmetics in the last photo that was gifted to me for review purposes which will be up soon. All opinions and thoughts are my own! I will always be 100% with my audience in every single blog post.

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18 thoughts on “Instagram Series; How to take Product Photos.

  1. I’m a big fan of using props for my flat lays and for products! It’s such an easy and affordable way to switch things up and create something cool!

    1. Thanks! I know so many people have requested it, I think everyone should spread their knowledge so we all can grow, lol.

    1. Aww I’m glad! I actually used the contact Marble paper on some of my furniture that I refurbished and it turned out wonderful, it has multiuse!

  2. Loved these tips! I’m trying to ‘up’ my Instagram game and these tips are really handy. I loved the idea of getting different patterned card for the back drop – I often go to Hobbycraft as I do scrapbook and I have so many funky patterned cards around my room so thank you for sharing this tip 🙂

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