Let’s do a family update!

    Okay so I wanna start off by apologizing! I have been seriously lacking on this blog and with updating about my little minions.. but I will say it was for a good reason.. <3
   Well to start we moved into our first actual house!… and it’s so close to Mackenzie’s school! We also got a new car! We have an Equinox.. just like every other soccer mom.. lol! Going grocery shopping is pretty funny.. trying to find our car in the mix of the same type of cars! Below are some photos of what’s been happening. <3

Mackenzie got glasses! She has a slight Astigmatism so she gets to have her own cute pair of glasses!

Mackenzie also got her first big girl dentist appointment! She had perfectly clean teeth with no cavities!! (that alone has this momma proud, lol)  

Mackenzie had her first day of Kindergarten last month! She is such a big girl! She is also loving her kindergarten teacher and all her new friends!

Phoenix has actually been in PT, OT, SI, and Speech because he is slightly behind where he should be. Luckily he is slowly but surely improving with not just his motor skills but his communication skills as well.

If you couldn’t tell Phoenix doesn’t like taking photos often.. so this is the result. But he is such a happy baby!

We have also been having more family time on the weekends with little adventures to Shelby Farms , Memphis Zoo , and so much more! (photos will be below of our adventures!) 


This momma has been super busy with Phoenix’s therapies and Mackenzie’s school she has had hardly any time to do anything in between! I will hopefully be back on track, and thank you everyone for having faith in me!


This month I plan to post more often and have a bunch of blogs up! <3 What would you like to see that’s fall inspired?



Disclaimer; The calender photo is a stock photo, all other photos and edits are my own! All opinions are honest and true and 100% my genuine thoughts!


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30 thoughts on “September Update!

  1. Thanks for the update! You have a beautiful family! I hope to one day move into my own house and have a car of my own for my family. You all look so happy. My son who is 3 now had some speech problems as well be it soon got better now he is a chatter box lol

    1. Awww yeah it’s difficult! But I know my son will get to where he needs to be.. he sure has a big personality already, lol!

  2. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos. You have a beautiful family, and such adorable kids! New car always means more adventures, so I can’t wait for you to share more of those with us xx

  3. Love that wide smile on your daughter! It’s infectious~ Congratulations on the move to your new house! Really like how you record your family time down as in future, these will become memories for your kids!

  4. Aww your family is so beautiful. I remember when I first got my glasses I was so happy and excited to get them. New car is always a fun new milestone.

  5. You have a beautiful family. Kids are so cute. God bless you’ll. I love September as it is a month of new beginnings and fresh starts. Congratulations on your new house and new car. And loved the idea of documenting the family happenings on your blog. You are creating some lovely memories for your kids. Keep it up!

  6. OMG! this is a great read! I have never seen any update thing like this in my life! Family update is a great thing to read! Haha! Thanks for sharing

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